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Maths Camp 2010

Maths Camp 2010 ran from Monday 9th to Friday 13th August. One day longer than 2009! As with previous years, the camp was held at Kongowea Primary School situated in a slum area of Mombasa. Most of the scholars SAAS helps attend this school at some stage during their education. The school is government run meaning that students do not have to pay fees.

As is traditional, Maths Camp started with a prayer lead by a local priest. After all the tutors were introducated and the students were assigned to classrooms, the fun began! Maths, Phsyics and Chemistry were taught this year to approxamitely 300 eager students. The number of students increased as the week continued and was higher than last year. After the week of classes all students were asked to complete a questionnaire to ensure that SAAS's tutors are covering the topics the students really need. We hope that next year's Camp is an even bigger success!

This year's tutors included two of our directors, international donors and some local principals, teachers and volunteers. The local tutors also included some of SAAS's previous scholars who have gone on to either college or university and are committed to giving back to the charity.

Every student that attended the Camp was awarded with a Certificate of Participation. Certificates were also issued to all our local volunteers including tutors and kitchen staff.

We would like to thank all the staff of Kongowea Primary School for their support and premises; the Camp's kitchen staff for feeding everyone so well for the week; and the tutors for giving us their time and skills to make this possible - we couldn't do it without you all.

We also want to thank all of our students for attending the Camp and making every moment enjoyable - without you we wouldn't be here.

Click here for testimonials from students who attended the camp.

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Dhars - Manj & Mrs Van our Chemistry & Physics teachers

Gina & Maria with some of their Form 1 students

Gina with some of her students at work

Henry with his tutor Sophie

Lunch Time

Mrs Van presenting a cert 2 Nelly.  

Physics Teachers - Dharshini & Vannan

Some of the 300 students at Maths Camp 2010

The gang of teachers & some tutors

Ursula presenting a cert to Evans